Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble

Євшан Український Вокальний Ансамбль

(pictures of Yevshan)

Remembrance and Longing...

Ukrainian legends tell of Sirchan, a boy raised in the Kyivan court who was stranded in lands beyond the Caucasus Mountains. After many years, Orev, a musical sage of the court, was sent to the area to bring back Sirchan, who was now a young man.

However, Sirchan had no memory of his native Ukraine and refused to accompany Orev back to the Kyivan Court. The old sage told stories and sang ballads, but Sirchan could not be dissuaded.

Finally, Orev handed a stalk of yevshan, the wormwood herb, to Sirchan. The scent from the herb triggered in the young man a remembrance of, and a longing for, Ukraine.

In the spirit of this legend, the Yevshan Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble sings.